Things to pack for your next Korea Winter trip - Dec 18 -March 19

Korea, korea, korea! A lovely place to travel in Asia. Good food, good view and lovely shopping place!

If anyone is planning to visit shivering cold winter in Korea early next year. This is the basic list you gotta pack for your trip.

1) Jacket/Coat - This is a no brainer. Keep yourself toasty warm.

2) Lightweight Sweaters and Jumpers - You gotta need it when you visit any malls or restaurants. They have very effective heating instrumentals hence be prepared.

3) Scarves - Wool material is preferable.

4) Smartphone Friendly Gloves - Selfie, photography is what we usually do when we travel hence wearing a smartphone friendly gloves will benefit you in many ways.

5) Thick shoes/Boots + Socks - Gotta keep your legs warm. Especially during travelling, we need to walk alot hence wearing something to keep your legs warmth is essential too!

6) Face Masks -  You can find face masks everywhere in Korea, but be sure to have one around when you get off your plane – the cold air will hit you instantly! Alternatively, you can consider to bring a hydration pill to your trip and pop a pill to hydrate your skin from within. Learn more about Alline's hydration effects for your skin.

Here are also some area we recommend you to go in South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace - Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most beautiful and grandest of all five palaces.

Myeongdong - Seoul’s most prominent shopping district.If shopping is your thing then there’s no better area in Korea to shop other than Myeong-dong where you’ll find everything there.

N Seoul Tower - N Seoul Tower is a communication and observation tower located on Mt. Namsan. Lovely view, majestic tower and couples, you can go there to lock your vows.

Nami Island - Nami Island is a half moon shaped island was formed as a result of the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam. Winter Sonata and a few nice Korean drama chosen this place as their filming venue.

Gwangjang Market - Gwangjang Market always attracts huge tourist group and locals because it is best place to try all different type and variety of Korean street food, the bimbimbap there is darn good!

Hongdae - Hongdae is a youthful and hip shopping district in Seoul.

This area are filled with students (near University) and tourists to eat, shop and party!

For fellow Travellers! Enjoy your next Holiday to Korea! Kamsahamnida!

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