How Hot Climate in Singapore did affects our Skin?

It is good to head out and spend some time outside during the weather is warm and inviting. As much as it seems tempting, there are other dangers that we must be wary of.

Hot climate can cause skin condition like Acne, Eczema & Sunburn.

Acne – A hot & humid climate leads to skin pores to enlarge which invites dirt and bacteria to enter and hence possibility irritated the skin and eventually to infection.

Eczema – This a common condition in the world. Itchiness, redness that excrete a puss and sometimes scaly is usually the most common signs of Eczema. Hot climate can further irritate the skin as sweat irritates skin pores and causes the signs to escalate.

Sunburn – Excessive UV rays has very harmful radiation that damages our skin. Sunburns damages our skin even without any peeling occurs. It can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging due to middle skin layer damage too.

In short ladies & gentleman, please put on sunblock lotion when you are outdoor and you can moisture your skin with an Oral Moisturizing product & Oral whitening product to enhance the effects.

Ladies, Let’s get healthier and beautiful at the same time!

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